About this site

Welcome to Alicia-Silverstone.net! This is an unoffical fansite with the purpose of helping collectors of Alicia's movies to find rare high quality versions of her work. After upgrading my VHS collection from VHS to DVD, I'm once again in the process to upgrade these from DVD to Blu-ray or other high-definition sources to get the best possible quality on my TV. So I'm frequently browsing the worldwide market for Alicia Silverstone movies and thought why not share my findings with people with the same interests.

Since you are here, you know who she is, so I do not provide any background information on her or any reviews of her movies, but instead come straight to the point and let you know which versions in what quality are available where! Only movies with actual Alicia screentime are considered, so you won't find any notes on her work as a producer or other involvement here.

the Content you get

This is not a download site. Neither movie files, nor links to such are hosted on this server. I provide screencaps of the version(s) of each I movie I consider to be the best and the source where these can be legally purchased. If you know of any superior version or of a movie that is missing, please let me know, so I can add this to my site.